The Neptune System

Neptune Solutions has designed an innovative system which can be used for:

  • Sea and river flood defence
  • Water and gas storage
  • Water distribution
  • Retaining walls in general

The system has a much lower cost and much higher safety factor than current solutions which are dependent on concrete.

Concrete has limitations in the terrain and countries in which it can be used. The Neptune System has no such limitations.

We aim to see our system in use worldwide for sea and river defence and providing water storage and distribution.

Drinking water is becoming an increasingly scarce and valuable resource and the Group believes its system can play an important role in conserving water and making it available to people everywhere.

Adjustable & Adaptive

There are many benefits to our system

  • No concrete is required
  • Installations can be carried out just using basic hand tools
  • It has a very high degree of tolerance
  • Minimum training is required for any installation
  • The system is three-dimensional
  • The system life span should last over 100 years with cladding.
  • The system can be extended higher if needed at a later date.

The Neptune System was born

Not only would this new flood defence system enable a great many more lives and properties to be protected, the unique design could also provide solutions to the huge worldwide issues of water preservation, storage and distribution. For the first time every country in the world will have a access to a flood defence system that is as strong as concrete, lasts as long as concrete but without the concrete.
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