Landslides and mudslides are a serious problem among those people who live in areas with many large hills and mountains, and have affected almost every state in the United States. On average, 25-50 people in the U.S lose their lives due to mudslide and landslides. Across the world, they have caused billions of dollars in damage and taken thousands of lives.

The Neptune Solution

The principle use for a retaining wall is in flood defence.

However the Neptune System can also be used as a retaining wall for:

  • Avalanche barriers
  • Rockslide barriers
  • Landslip support
  • Snow barriers

The Neptune System is self-supporting and requires little ground works and infrastructure in order to install it.

Retaining Walls

It is suitable for any terrain and can be erected quickly. The Neptune System ranges in height from 1 metre to 13 metres and is uniquely adjustable. The Neptune System is an above ground solution, easily installed, able to be dismantled and relocated to another area.