Neptune Solutions News Letter

Series no; 1

Issued; 19/11/2016

Title; Neptune Solutions Global Ltd Launches News Letter

Dear friends, colleagues and followers, it is with great pleasure and enthusiasms we would like to inform you that Neptune Solutions Global Ltd is launching a newsletter. This newsletter will provide you with up to date news about our activities and products. Our aim is to ensure that you are the first to be updated with existing and future developments so that you can request further information about how we can assist you to find how our products can solve some fundamental problems.

There are a lot of things happening in Neptune Solutions, substantial progress and developments have been achieved within the last few years.

Neptune Solutions barrier systems have been checked and verified. The structure has been checked against the Euro-code standard for building structures as well as to the BS 5950 standard.  Our patented products have been checked using hand calculations and supported by the latest software simulations. The principles in the concept of the patented products have translated into a well-engineered product with different versions and configurations which are being tested at our testing site in Rochdale under very exacting conditions. More newletters are coming to update in this regard.

The patent has been protected and solidified in more than 150 countries.

Two barrier systems have been engineered and built, they are classified into two groups to cover different heights. The Rapid Response Barrier, to cover heights between 1.0-1.5m, and the Permanent Barrier, to cover heights between 1.5 -4.5m.

The products are ready to be deployed to life projects. However, please be patient with us, we are coming to the market with the intention of changing the culture of flood barrier systems.

The structure of the company has been built with significant investment from the private sectors. Departments like Engineering and Design, Production, Field Operations, Health and Safety, Sales and Marketing as well as Accounts have been active and in operation for the last 8 months.

We are ready for business. More progress and developments are underway; this newsletter will keep you engaged with us, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have business initiatives, idea, questions, or even just interests. The contact details are below.

End for now



Mr. Michael Mulvihill (Chief Engineer and Founder of Neptune Solutions Global Ltd)

10 Pole lane, Failworth, Manchester, M359 PB