In the developed world water is taken for granted. All too often water is wasted in a negligent manner that would shock and dismay people in less developed areas where the nearest source of drinking water is often miles away. But the wasteful developed world should not be so complacent. Supplies of fresh water are becoming scarcer and, as the world’s population continues to grow, there will be much less of it to go round.

Efficient and effective management of this precious resource is essential. Combined with a resolve to provide equal access to water to all the peoples of the world.The Neptune System provides real solutions to these challenges. Its holding tanks, reservoirs and aqueducts can be built in locations where other solutions cannot be installed.


The versatile Neptune System can be used to create holding tanks or reservoirs to whatever size is required.
No Concrete
Saves Water
No Waste
Adjustable Size
Increasing Demand
Tremendous Benefit
In addition there is a wide range of uses to which the Neptune system can be put:

  • Storm & precipitation  tanks
  • Storage tanks for, water, chemical, oil, sludge, biomass and any other fluids.
  • Sewerage tank
  • Desalination tank
  • Detention tanks
  • Agricultural tanks
  • Dry storage
  • Fisheries