The IPCC predicts that sea levels will rise by 0.6 to 1.2 metres by 2100. Not only does this mean that more areas will need protection from flooding, but existing coastal and river defences are likely to prove inadequate in many cases. Not only does the Neptune System provide a lower cost and more rapid solution for new flood defences, it can also be added to existing defences to increase their height without the need to demolish the existing defences and rebuild from scratch.

Rises in sea levels are unpredictable and there will always be a risk that flood defences will be rendered inadequate as sea levels rise. The Neptune System, unlike conventional flood defences, does not have to be knocked down and rebuilt. Its height can easily be increased on site responding to any unexpected increase in sea levels whenever they might occur.

You can Download the PDF to see how flood barrier structures can be elevated.


Significantly Lower Cost
The Neptune System provides a much lower cost solution to flood defence than concrete based systems.
Faster To Install
Enviromentally Friendly
Water Conserving
Adjustable Height
Any Terrain

Neptune Solutions has developed an innovative design that provides a solution to the challenges of coastal and river flood defence.

The Neptune System offers significant advantages over conventional methods of flood defence.

With a minimum lifespan of 75 years the Neptune System:

  • Has the same strength and resilience as concrete;
  • Provides substantial cost savings;
  • Can be installed 3 times faster;
  • Suits any ground conditions;
  • Is much less harmful to the environment.