About Neptune Solutions

The Neptune System itself was born from a desire to deliver cost efficient flood defences to areas in which traditional systems cannot be used. There are a surprisingly high number of places that fall into this category, facing an ever present risk of loss of life as a result. The Neptune System will significantly reduce this risk and in addition its unique features, lower cost and environmentally friendly design will allow any country in the world to benefit.


Neptune Solutions was founded in March 2014 by Mike Mulvihill. Mike is a technical structural engineer who came across the idea when the Tsunami hit Thailand back in 2004. He believed that there was another way to protect communities from flooding without the big expense, as conventional products are time consuming and costly.Mike did not realise the potential of the fluid retention device he had invented. In-fact over the next 2 years Mike came up with 24 different applications that the retention device could be used for, such as;

  • Holding Tanks for gas, oil, waste & fresh water. The retention device could be used for transporting water across land by building an aqueduct.
  • Flood protection for communities, homes & business premises.
  • Soil & rock retention, Ideal for Railways where land slippages or floods cause disruptions to the rail network

Project funding available on a PPP basis for projects throughout the world.

Mike Mulvihill

Mike Mulvihill – Chief Executive