Providing innovative solutions to major challenges across the world that are easy to install, saves time and money.

Project funding available on a PPP basis for projects throughout the world.

We provide solutions for; Holding Tanks for gas, oil, waste & fresh water. The retention device could be used for transporting water across land by building an aqueduct. Flood protection for communities, homes & business premises. Soil and rock retention; ideal for railway where land slippages or flooding causes disruptions to railway network. There are no limits to the scale these systems can go. Solar panels would be installed to each system to generate its own income or could be used to generate its own pumps and equipment.

Flood Defences

Innovative design that provides a solution to the challenges of coastal and river flood defence. It can also be used for temporary and long term commercial and residential flood protection.

Holding Tanks

The versatile Neptune System can be used to create holding tanks or reservoirs to whatever size is required. Some of the popular applications are temporary storage, precipitation storm tanks,

Retaining Walls

Landslides and mudslides are a serious problem that have affected almost every state in the United States; The Neptune system can be used to help prevent these landslides. The system has been designed to go up to 101 ft high.


The Neptune System can be used to build temporary or long term aqueducts to transport vast amounts of liquids across land. Click here for more information